where motion ceases

he walks the grid,
careful of where he steps.
–it quivers…
the point is to keep moving, as
content arises only where motion ceases.


to elaborate

to elaborate would be to yield to the multiplicity
which brought me near to here.
with all due respect,
I’ll walk  the rest of the passage alone,
knowing no concern for losing the way.

wrinkle his mind

wrinkle his mind in the nick of time:
imagination tries to smooth the convoluted universe,
while one Attempting finds the mountain of
understanding to be full of inviting slopes and moguls.
(at once head over heels,
and unconcerned.)


he never has ‘problems’,
but didn’t realize it until
‘problems’ didn’t have him.

buddha bellies

buddha bellies empty of mind,
now able to hold all tastes before them.
buddha bellies full of Mind
teach us to indulge in the feast.
(such a short time before the tables are cleared.)

mid trip

balancing in mid trip —
that is the ironic,
yet equanimical,  
paradox of our Effort.


he laughs first thing.  hah! 
what counts is to be able
to laugh as the last thing…..

(note: in no way is it intended that this incautious declaration contravene or even slightly impugn those who insist on laughing first or  those who diligently strive to practice both laughing positions, although it is well understood that the latter practice is fraught with the possibility that the sedentary part of one’s mind will consider the more adventuresome part even more suspect.)